Quality Customer Service

Title of Programme Quality Customer Service
Brief Description This programme provides participants with the art and science of providing quality customer service.
  • Compare and contrast poor and positive customer service practices
  • Demonstrate the 6 steps in delivering quality customer service
  • Demonstrate effective customer service behaviour
Duration 3 days
Target Audience Customer Service Representatives, Supervisors and Team Leaders
Topic Modules Module 1: Distinguishing Customer Service
  • Hocus Focus
  • Customer Service Audit
  • Customer Service hall of shame
  • Customer Service hall of fame
  • Building Customer Loyalty
Module 2: Prepare Yourself
  • How to overcome no: 1 customer complaint
  • Mental preparation recommended before taking a call
  • Environmental factors involved in preparing for the call
Module 3: Build Rapport
  • The keys to building rapport
  • The factors that kill rapport
  • The elements of a good customer greeting
  • Engaging the customer so they are involved and focused on what is being said
  • Paraphrasing techniques
  • Barriers to communication and describe techniques to overcome them
  • Identify and use the rules of cross-cultural communications
Module 4: Discover the Issue
  • The importance of listening
  • Realities associated with effective communication
  • Selective listening
  • Keys to better listening and increasing your attention span
  • Types of questions for maintaining call control and give examples of
  • Clarifying the customers’ situation
Module 5: Provide Accurate Solution
  • The importance of providing an accurate solution
  • Get and keep the customer’s undivided attention
  • The keys to communication power
Module 6: Confirm and Conclude
  • Summarising of agreements
  • Confirm the customers understanding
  • Standard closing
  • Manage a customer that doesn’t want to let go
Module 7: Closing
  • The importance of documenting the call
  • The keys to closing
Module 8: Activities
  • Personal Planning
  • Service slogans
This programme will be delivered using the following methods:
  • High impact short lectures
  • Case Study
  • Role-plays and Presentations