Corporate Development

Impact Driven Leadership

Title of Programme Impact Driven Leadership
Brief Description This programme is designed to enable participants to explore the key skills and qualities of an effective leader. Participants will discover their preferred leadership style and learn the value of using different styles depending on the needs of their teams. They will learn how to maximise team’s performance through application of these leadership principles.
  • Identify leaders and how they exemplify leadership characteristics.
  • List and describe 5 key Leadership characteristics
  • List and explain the 5 main types of power
  • Describe and demonstrate the elements of Situational Leadership
  • Compare and contrast Management and Leadership
  • Identify your vision and explain its importance to you
  • List ways to reinforce the vision in various work settings
  • Describe the 12 practices of good Leadership
Duration 2 days
Target Audience Team Leaders, Managers and Senior Managers
Topic Modules Module 1: Leadership Analysis
  • What is Management?
  • Leading, Managing and Developing
  • The 8 Critical Skills of a Manager
Module 2: How does Leadership show up?
  • Traits of a Leader
  • Different Leader Practices
  • Characteristics of Leadership
  • Being vs. Doing
Module 3: Power in Leadership
  • Discovering the different types
  • What gets used predominantly
  • How to use power effectively
Module 4: Situations of Leadership
  • Identifying task/follower readiness
  • Choosing the situational style
  • What does and does not work
  • Comparing Management to Leadership
Module 5: Having the Vision
  • Identifying the importance
  • Leaders with vision
  • Creating your own inspiring future
Module 6: Closing Activities
  • Commitment to your future
  • Developing an Action Plan
Training Methodology This programme will be delivered using the following methods:
  • Lecture
  • Brainstorming
  • Group discussion
  • Group presentation
  • Case studies
  • Role Play