Corporate Development

Performance Coaching

Title of Programme Performance Coaching: The Keys to Achieving Extraordinary Results (Advanced)
Brief Description This program is for those who teach various skills to a group of employees and then providing ongoing coaching and support. The course focuses on “soft skills, such as interviewing, customer service, selling, making presentations and supervising. Coaching skill development comprises several competencies: teaching skills, conducting skill practice, coaching on the job performance and adjusting to the learning style of the trainees. Each competency is addressed in this program.
  • Demonstrate an active learning approach to skill teaching
  • Design and conduct role-play practice sessions
  • Demonstrate the ability to observe trainee performance
  • Promote trainee’s use of problem solving skills
  • Develop confidence in giving developmental performance feedback
  • Practice setting performance goals
  • Know how to recognise and adjust to the learning styles of trainees
Duration 2 days
Target Audience Team Leaders, Managers, Senior Managers and QA Team Managers
Topic Modules Module 1 : Demonstrating Skills
  • Traditional skill teaching vs. Active skill teaching
  • Practicing Active skill teaching
Module 2 : Conducting Skill Practice
  • Why Role-playing is sometimes unpopular
  • Role-play design options
  • Role-play facilitation practice
  • Facilitating Video Feedback
Module 3 : Providing Performance Coaching
  • Identifying feedback flaws
  • Observing performance
  • Self assessment
  • Giving feedback
  • Problem solving
  • Coaching follow-up
  • Performance support development plan
Module 4: Dealing with Style Differences
  • Go to your post
  • Adjusting to Style differences
Module 5: Making it Happen
  • Giving questions and getting answers
  • Obstacle assessment
This programme will be delivered using the following methods:
  • Lecture
  • Brainstorming
  • Group discussion
  • Group presentation
  • Case studies
  • Role Play