Corporate Development

Sales Negotiation Workshop

Title of Programme Sales Negotiation Workshop
Brief Description This programme has been designed to equip and enhance sales personnel with effective sales negotiation skills and techniques. The participants will be exposed to the effective managing objection strategies and techniques in closing the sales.
  • Identify and apply the appropriate techniques in a effective sales negotiation
  • Closing sales successfully
Duration 2 days
Target Audience Sales Personnel and Sales Managers
Topic Modules Module 1 – Our Company
  • The Principles of Negotiation
  • Characteristics of a Successful Sales Negotiator
  • The Benefits of Effective Sales Negotiation in Competitive Market
Module 2 – Laying Plans
  • Establish Your Customer Requirements
  • Preparing for a Negotiation
  • Pre-Negotiation Planning
    • Setting Objective
    • Establishing Variables
    • Establishing Your Bottom Line
Module 3 – Sales Negotiation Techniques
  • Opening the Negotiation
  • Trading Concessions – Win-win Situation
  • Gaining Commitment
  • Analysing Your Own Style
  • Common Negotiation Tactics
  • Analysing Your Own Style
Module 4 – Managing Objections
  • Types of Common Objections
  • Dealing with Difficult Questions
  • Techniques to Deal with Common Objections
Module 5 – Closing The Sale
  • Buying Signals
  • Types of Closing
  • Gaining Customer’s Commitment
  • The After Sales Service
Module 6 – Practise What You Have Learned
  • Role Plays and Scripts
This programme will be delivered using the following methods:
  • Lecture
  • Experiential games
  • Videos
  • Group discussion
  • Case studies