Vocational Programs

Power English For Educators (PREFER)

Title of ProgrammePREFER (80/20 Power English for Educators)
Title of Award on Completion Power English for Educators
Brief Description PREFER addresses the English Language needs of Polytechnic Educators in Malaysia, enabling you to communicate and interact confidently in English in the classroom, while developing an ear for rhythm and intonation, as well as the correct articulation of English sounds.
While its main emphasis is speaking, other aspects such as listening, grammar, reading, vocabulary and writing are integrated into the modules. Here, you will master English through simulated scenarios that mimic real-life situations and experiences. The approach is active and practical: humour, drama, music and language games incorporated into the programme will improve your communicative competency in enjoyable yet impactful ways.
Objectives/Outcomes At the end of this programme, you will be able to:
  • Communicate effectively with students, peers and visitors by planning a conversation that has structure and clear direction
  • Use techniques, including voice modulation, inflection, tempo and enunciation for effective communication
  • Deliver presentation in an effective manner
  • Read technical and business related articles and paraphrase them
Duration 90 hours
Target Audience polytechnics educators
Topic Modules Unit 1 - Conversations In The Classroom
Unit 2 - Presentations
Unit 3 - Managing Technical Information