Vocational Programs

Level 3 - Advanced Certificate In International Technical Communication

Title of Programme 80/20 Communication in Customer Focused Environments
Title of Award on Completion Title of Award on Completion BTEC Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Internation Technical Communication
Brief Description The programme is a 30-day intensive course to develop competent professionals equipped with the right communication and workplace skills, specially designed for the technical workplace.
  • Set the right workplace expectations
  • Introduce professional workplace skills – presentation & report writing
  • Extend the ability to structure thoughts and articulate them logically
  • Identify the main challenges in communication, and ways to overcome them
  • Make positive first impressions
  • Improve your impact through careful speech habits
  • Appear confident and relaxed through appropriate body language
  • Enhance your abilities in written communication
  • Ensure your spoken and written messages are received, understood, remembered, and achieve your desired results.
Duration 240 hours
Target Audience Fresh graduates & working adults
Topic Modules
  • Unit 1: International Business English for the Workplace
  • Unit 2: Developing Face-to-Face Communication
  • Unit 3: Principles of International Business Communication
  • Unit 4: Principles of Technical Communication
  • Unit 5: Technical Writing & Business Presentation