Employability Bridging Programs


Title of Programme GCAP (Graduate Career Accelerated Programme)
Title of Award on Completion Professional Certificate in Global Service Management
Brief Description GCAP is a comprehensive programme designed to provide the best education and training aimed at developing a competent pool of professional graduates equipped with the right communication and workplace skills to serve in the key service sector.
Objectives/Outcomes The objectives of this programme are to:
  • certify entry level graduates in the area of Service Management.
  • develop the required oral and written communication skills for customer and service operations at all touch-points within the service industry.
Duration 240 hours (6 weeks)
Target Audience Unemployed graduates
Topic Modules Core Modules:
  • C001 – Principles of Global Customer Service
  • C002 – Principles of Global Customer Communication
  • C003 – The Global Communication Professional
  • C004 – The New Professional Entrepreneur
Specilaist Modules:
  • S001 – Understanding The New Economic Model
  • S002 – Mind Assault Programme
  • S003 – Professional Grooming and Business Etiquette
  • S004 – 80/20 Global Business English
  • S005 – Problem Solving, Decision Making & Critical Thinking