Message from CEO

Today, the educational role is significantly different as compared to what it was many years ago. With the turn of the century, the creation and requirement of industry relevant and quality knowledge workers to meet today’s needs in the ICT industry are apparent.

Our mission to provide excellent teaching, supported by high quality content, personalized attention to student learning and to create graduates who are professionally knowledgeable and armed with the necessary skills to be globally proficient.

Our solution is predicated on the basis that undergraduates or fresh graduates will be able to undergo our world class academic and corporate programmes, thus ensuring opportunities for career development within the contact centre industry. With our BTEC Edexcel Professional & Advanced Certificates and Professional Diploma & Foundation Degrees, students will be certain of getting a job in the industry.

Building on the heritage of our partner, Edexcel of United Kingdom, we provide world-class education to undergraduates, postgraduates, and people wishing to pursue their careers in a contact centre environment globally. Our presence is felt globally and our aim is to be a world renowned educational body specializing in the Contact Centre, Outsourcing industry and it's related fields.

The main features of our unique educational approach are:

  • A dynamic, flexible online educational system
    Students will be drawn towards the exciting edutainment portal, which is rich in classroom type lectures, games and quizzes, to help any individual at his or her own pace and ensure that learning has taken place.
  • Specific, up-to-date skills education
    Students will also be encouraged to partake in business communication skills programmes as part of their BTEC education, thus ensuring that students are up to date with the specific and up to date skills required in a contact centre. Our programmes are updated regularly, abreast with the latest industry developments and trends.
  • Job Placement
    Graduates who have chosen the career path of a contact centre industry, are encouraged to undertake the courses provided by our academic institution to ensure that they will be able to enjoy job placement assistance. By choosing our academic courses, one would definitely make a lifetime investment in their education and career path.
It is my pleasure to welcome you to SCICOM ACADEMY.

Best wishes,

Leo Ariyanayakam

Chief Executive Officer/ Group Executive Director